FAB / Fab.com - Touched - (2012) :60 (USA)

New Yorker notices the girlfriend has just arrived outside in a cab, and the tired old scenario of "my place is a mess" plays out with a twist. His place really isn't that much of a mess, in fact it's awesomely large and bright for any city, and the dude himself happens to have the FAB.com Midas touch. Yep. Everything he touches turns into a Fab design item. Girlfriend is impressed. I wonder if the potential new Fab customers will be, when they find that the site itself features the opposite of instant new designer gear gratification, as most items take 4-6 weeks of shipping. Yes. I said weeks. By that time designer-dude will have a new girlfriend. .... And Fab.com might possibly have to get a new ad, as more customers notice how unlike this scenario shopping on Fab.com is...

AD agency: Arnold Wordwide

Creatives: Jolene Delisle, Jesse Packer

Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Griffiths

Broadcast Producers: Ken Kitch, Adam Perloff

Account Management: Becky Mercer

Business Affairs: Ann Marie Turbitt, Paula Cassi

Director: Patrick Hughes

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Line Producer: Jeff Shupe

Executive Producer: Jennifer Barrons

Head of Production: Joe Biggins

Editorial: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Crandall Miller

Assistant Editor: Tim Quackenbush

Producer Marcia Wigley

Executive Producer Lauren Hertzberg

Visual Effects: Absolute

VFX Supervisor: Nathan Kane

VFX Producer: Melissa Stephano

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AnonymousCoward's picture

Hi - Jason Goldberg, CEO of Fab here.

Glad you like our first ad!

I wanted to let you know that we are literally investing millions to improve our ship times. We've been making fast improvements and 75% of items on Fab will ship in 1 to 5 days during the holidays.

Dabitch's picture

Good to know, as I need a couch.

AnonymousCoward's picture

I'm sure Jason Goldberg is sincere with his comment, but I must point out that I was told the exact same thing over two months ago when I complained about shipping times. Correcting the shipping times is taking too long.

kidsleepy's picture

I received the same email from them, too. The longer it takes to work on the problem, the more customers will walk away.

Doctor T's picture

After watching this commercial I am appalled that not only the advertising agency,but the company itself, thought any man would dance around his apartment decorating with pink alarm clocks & pastel furniture to impress a FEMALE date. As a member of the 18-34 year old heterosexual male demographic, all that commercial did was perfectly illustrate this website would never contain anything I wish to purchase.

kidsleepy's picture

I'm more appalled by how dumb the dude's acting is.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Doctor T's comment could be summed up in one word: "Gay"

AnonymousCoward's picture

The demographic for this commercial isn't 18-34 year old heterosexual men. Jeesh... use your brain.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Who said 18-34 year old men were the target here? And it's not the agency's fault the company has shipping issues. I think this ad is really creative and I commend the agency and their creative department. Bravo.

Cheerleader's picture

Hear hear! I totally agree with commending the ad agency. However the customer service side still needs the attention it deserves ... or there'll be no company to advertise.

Dabitch's picture

Dear AnonymousCoward (not verified) on 25. November, nobody said that it was the agencies fault that the company has shipping issues (that clearly a lot of people have experienced, just google FAB.COM SHIPPING SUCKS). I warned that perhaps showing the purchases as instant when reality is wait 4 to 6 weeks might be unwise. It is the companies weakest link, and the creative idea here is unwittingly exposing it. Remember, there's only one thing that can kill a product faster than bad advertising, and that's good advertising for a bad product. Also it seems that everyone is in agreement that this is indeed not targeted to 18-34 year old heterosexual men.

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