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Falter "Inferno" (2015) 1:00 (Austria)

Salon Alpin produced an illustrated journey through eight circles of hell for Austrian newspaper Falter. Only instead of Dante's inferno, this hell is a modern one, where people are imprisoned in their cellphones, trees are being constantly destroyed, factory farmed chickens are injected with lord only knows what, a man with cameras all over his person monitors our every movement, and of course, we're literally being overtaken by work. The end line Hol mich hier raus (roughly translated as "get me out of here") becomes the call to action to read Falter, where you can form your own hopefully objective opinions about the world around you, rather than only subscribe to the doom-and-gloom scenario. Love the animation and music choice.

Client: Falter Verlags Gmbh falter.at
Agency: Jung von Matt Vienna
Team Alpin: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser, Sandra Reichl, João Faria
Music & Sound Design: Fifth Music - Mathias Hacksteiner

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