FAR "Go FAR - Episode 3" (2018) 4:00 (USA)

FAR stands for the Fund For Armenian Relief, an organization dedicated to ensuring the future for Armenia. In the third episode, Arrmene Piper-Yapoujian learns how the country's economy is slowly pulling itself up in terms of small business and agriculture as well as the future for their children. As one woman says. "It's not just about surviving. It's about meaningful life."

Client: FAR
Agency: School
Chief Creative Officer: Max Lenderman
Executive Creative Director: Olivia Conroy
Art Director: Mason Witzel
Copywriter: Ben Rindels
Producers: Jacob Glazier
Account Executive(s): Jenny Max
Photographer/Designer: Jacob Glazier
Production Company: Karot
Director: Nathan Presley
Director of Photography: Gabriel Kimpson
Executive producer: Luke Frydenger
Line Producer: Sonia Jacquez
Editing House: Karot
Editor: Cam Boll
Music House:
Composer: Alex Boll

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