Fargo: The Eco Sponge - (2015) 1:44 (Argentina)

You know those ad ideas that make you go "Damn, I wish I had done that?", or DIWIHDT for annoying acronym. This is my "DIWIHDT" of the year. So smart, so simple, so perfect. And to top it all off, it made me hungry too.

In order to encourage people to save water, the bread brand Fargo reminded people of the best use of bread. They packaged a simple white slice in an single serve envelope, and nestled among the breads in restaurants. Positioning itself as a sauce-sponge, instead of a sandwich base, this allowed for the brand of bread to be seen in countless restaurants across Argentina. And it encouraged people to conserve water using an old habit we all love anyway. Smart, so smart. I need to make a really good sauce and get some bread now.

Ad agency: FCB / Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Tony Waissmann

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