Farmer rap battle - both shilling yogurt Smirnoff "tea party" style.

Here's a cute pairing, is the Swedish rapping ad from "Wapnö Drängar", the fictional hip-hop crew of Wapno milk farm a rip-off of the UK advert from Yeo Valley showing off the mad cow rapping skills of the "Yeo Valley Boyz"? The Yeo Valley one even has a iTunes single and wikipedia page. Lets compare!

Yeo Valley Rap - (2010) 2:00 (UK)

vs Wäpnö Drängar:

Wäpnö - "Tugga Gräs" (Chew grass) by Wäpnö Drängar (Wäpnö boys) - (2011) Sweden

Remember Smirnoff's preppy "tea party" rap in 2006? Yep. So do I. Taking rap-videos out of the hip-hop style has been a fun trick for a while now. Works for all kinds of liquids, clearly.

Smirnoff - Preppy Unit Tea Partay - (2006) 2:15 (USA)

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Yeo Yeo Yeo Yeo Let's hear it for the Farmers First
Rapping on an advert's got to be the worst
It's just damn embarassing if you're in the ad
Coz your rapping isn't cool. It's just very bad
And then the swedish come along and they nick your style
Say they've had the idea for quite a long while
Well look back to Twenty Oh-6 and the Tea Party ad
Where we all hoped this type of rapping would be just a fad

But it's not it's been revived and you're all guilty as charged
For pretending to be hip and for 'aving it large.
Yeah it's funny for a second, and then it's all been seen
So take all this stupid nonsense off my TV screen