The Fast Forward ad that appears when you skip ads on your DVR - Markenfilm vs VW

The other day, a non ad person (I presume) and upstanding human being had a brilliant idea and tweeted it.

Twitter rejoiced! People laughed! High-fives were retweeted. And I had to be a killjoy and show them this from the mid-nineties because I look great wearing all black, a cigarette in mouth and blasé expression on my face while sneering: "It's been done" with a pretend french accent before I dissolve in a pile of giggles.

It has been done though, seriously. Welcome to the ad that made me stand up and kiss my SHOTS reel back in 96.

MarkenFilm - Fast Forward Ad - 1996 - Germany

And just recently, DDB in Belgium did a similar idea for VW. So there you have it. The execution already exists. A badlander it is, though only tangentially. It's just the fast-forwarding insight that is the same.

Volkswagen Beetle Slow Motion Commercial.

Now..... if we can figure out a way of doing TWO ads in the airtime of one, so it's one ad during fast forward and one ad when on regular speed, we could do some brilliant concepts. And sell the same air-time twice. I did just hear both the ad agency creative department and the channel media sales department yelp of joy at the same time? Oh my god.. what have I done?

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That won't stop those who skip them! ;)

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I love when you say "It's been done" with a pretend french accent!

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Ha! The proper disdain sounds best with a pretend French accent. :)

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Great post, I love the Volks video!

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VOD no FF solved the problem. Take 2 (because the internets ate my comment and I am too stupid to paste it into text editor), Scene Opinion:

The major cable boxes are constantly being reprogrammed with new commands that the holy wood gods want enforced. TV shows VOD in Comcast land are the exact feed that aired with no Fast Forward. There is a subset in the ratings game called "7 Day VOD Same as Aired" for short because the rules for content providers, ad cost, ad value, and whatever else I don't know of is SECRET. The VOD presented this way for networks to earn more $ by replay in a limited time frame.

Tip: hack your remote. I heard that somewhere on the internets.