FCB Snowlabs - create a snowflake & they'll donate to Water.org

FCB Snowlab created by FCB global is a digital way to get donations to Water.org
You go to the site, do a little wiggling with your cursor to create a unique snowflake, then tweet or facebook or social media brag your pretty result to entice your friends to join in. For each snowflake created FCB will donate to Water.org, whose goal it is to create safe water & the dignity of a toilet, for all. Over 2500 snowflakes have been created so far. The only thing I don't like is that the snowflake seems to be purely random, it doesn't seem to get its looks from how I wiggle my cursor. ... and come to think of it, it doesn't say how much will be given to Water.org, just "the more snowflakes created, the more we will give". If it was a dollar per snowflake, for example, people might egg each other on to make more snowflakes.

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