FCUK and "Kinkybugger"

French Connection founder Stephen Marks has apologised for last year's "kinkybugger" campaign,
admitting it was "a mistake" for the brand.

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The campaign, which involved a controversial web site, made implicit references to oral sex. But Marks insisted FCUK did not intend to offend consumers with its marketing. "Kinkybugger was a mistake for the brand because it was not our core focus," said Marks.

The "kinkybugger" controversy was a factor in FCUK
agreeing to submit all non-broadcast ads to the Advertising Standards Authority for pre-vetting for two years.

The ads attracted over 130 complaints and led to the ASA's accusation FCUK was bringing advertising into disrepute.

Marks said the brand's risque advertising would continue as it plans a series of brand extensions, including women's grooming products, sports and health drinks, and sportswear. He also said FCUK was looking to sell a broader range of products, including books and CDs.

Health drinks? Books? Oy vey.

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