Fedex - Carrier Pigeons - (2008) :30 (USA)

In the Fedex offices they have carrier pigeon research center.


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I am disappointed with Fedex again. :/

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With the success I've had lately using Fed Ex to ship between the US and DK, I'd probably have better luck with pigeons.

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Oh yeah, Fedex sucks (in Scandinavia & Holland) but their ads usually don't. Or they didn't back in fast-talking man days.

Fedex - Fast talking man - (1981) 0:55 (USA)

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Well, as a consumer I wouldn't mind if their ads sucked and their service was good, but now both suck and that's just unacceptable!

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Have to say, this was better than the Moon Office and Names ads of last year though. Only slightly.

I'd love to see them top the 1998 spot We Appologize, but every year I'm disappointed.

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I'm a fast talking man fan, also for the promise "when you have to have it overnight". Shame this promise doesn't hold up when a simple closed door prevents delivery!

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I loved this one. What a mess...