FedEx - Stick/Caveman (2006) :45 (USA)

1st Quarter

TRIVIA: Shot with a crew of about 65 over the course of a week near Death Valley, Calif. A cave was built specially for the ad. Actors spent three-and-a-half hours daily in makeup.

Ad Agency: BBDO, New York
AD: Steve Pacheco

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shmulikber's picture

how dare they go and disappoint me like this this year???? FedEx, you have always been a staple of good Super Bowl commercials, but this has none of the charm, humour and gentle irony of previous commercials...

what a shame...

claymore's picture

Err... last year's Super Bowl ad had a bear kick Burt Reynolds in the balls.

Dabitch's picture

Yeah but even that was better, I mean who doesn't want to kick Burt Reynolds in the balls, just for kicks? ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

yeah, but...i wouldn't call that "charm or gentle irony"...definitely fits the humor bill though.

Tahrialah's picture

I actually really got a kick out of this one. Not brilliant, but still fun.