Feedbackr - an iPhone app for Creative Directors to leave feedback on the go with their voice

"These days, we're expected to comment on work, 24/7" - well, only if you work at an agency that is useless at scheduling which is pretty much all of them. This isn't rocket science, even people who are curing cancer all day clock off at night and go spend time with their families. Can we make an app for "don't waste time on bullshit" and "For gods sake stop scheduling creative meeting at 6:30 PM on a Friday", because I suspect all of the adworld needs it.

"Your voice is an incredible tool. Use it to give feedback on-the-go." Yes, now there's yet another way you can send the all too important "What's the brief again?" note to all of your underlings. Ask for a rewrite of everything from your cab as you travel to the nearest nightclub to use the loo. For extra bonus points, leave the iPhone on the toilet while you do coke, and forget to send said feedback so that the creative department hangs around for hours waiting and waiting and waiting.

Extra feature - there's a STOP EVERYTHING button so that you can kill projects that are already in production at the drop of a hat, or sometimes just by putting your unlocked iPhone in your backpocket and sitting on it. Ok, so I made that one up.

"For more inspirational feedback, take a picture or grab one from your library.." show the creatives how cool the foam of your beer looks and ask them to work that into the shelter animals concept you're doing.

Next update will have even more features: Macros where you can hit buttons that send pre-recorded auto-replies like. "That's the digital guys department" and "I had this idea back in 97 we can do" and "Yes, but will it win metal?"

Ok, so I made that one up too. But for this tool to be useful it needs to start with creative directors actually giving useful feedback and I see no app for that. Nice try though, TBWA Germany. It's cool to see you're so app-fluent. ;) You can download Feedbackr in the iTunes store if you are so inclined. Here's my feedback: You should have picked a better name. May I buy a vowel?

Ad agency: TBWA Werbeagentur GmbH

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Is there an app that notifies you when your agency reaches the level of desperation only reserved for agencies whose sole chance at winning awards relies on in-house "incubator" work? Oh. I guess we don't really need an app for that.

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Goodness, you guys are quite sarcastic, aren't you?

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Only way to survive advertising, mate.

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