FIAP winners 2006

On Friday the FIAP Awards (Festival of IberoAmerican Advertising) wrapped up in Argentina.

Grand Prix for Television went to Contrapunto, Spain for their "Transparente" spot for the Metro de Madrid. BBDO Chile took home a Grand Prix for Print with "Soldado" for Sony PS2. "Caido" for HSBC by JWT Curitiba, Brazil won the Grand Prix for Outdoor. Giovani FCB grabbed the Grand Prix for Radio with "Internet" for Kaiser. Diageo, Spain also took home a Grand Prix for Cacique/Ron Cacique for Interactive with their "escucha la llamada" site and banners. The Grand Prix for Innovation in Media went to IDB/FBC in Chile for "Grua" for LEGO.

Read on to check some of the ads.

BBDO Chile - "Soldado" - PS2

JWT Curitiba, Brazil - "Caido" - HSBC

Contrapunto - "Transparente" - Metro de Madrid

Here are some of the Gold winners in the TV category:

Young & Rubicam Argentina in the Category of "Banks/Financial"
Visa - Hippies (2005) 0:60 (Argentina)

These other two from the campaign won Silver:
Visa - Logos (2005) 0:45 (Argentina)
Visa - Salvaje (2005) 0:60 (Argentina)

VegaOlmosPonce in the Category of "Health/Hygiene /Cosmetics"
Rexona For Teens - Tren Fantasma (2006) 0:60 (Argentina)

ALMAP/BBDO Brazil in the Category of "Automotive"
Volkswagen- Pele (2005) 0:30 (Brazil)

McCann Erickson, Argentina in the Category of "Corporate/Institutional"
Mastercard - Tevez (Brazil) 0:45 (Argentina)

Leo Burenett Lisboa, Portugal in the Category of "Public Service"
IAC Portugal - Alzheimer (2006) 1:25 (Portugal)

Grupo Gallegos, USA in the Category of "Electronics/Computers/Audio/Video/Accessries"
Energizer - Barba (2005) 0:30 (USA)

JWT Argentina in the Category of "Healthy Foods"
Knorr - Redial (2005) 0:20 (Argentina)

Young & Rubicam Argentina Padre e Hija in the Category of "Communication for Media" and also all three in "Services Campaign"
MTV - Don't Kill The Music - Padre e Hija (2005) 0:42 (Argentina)

MTV - Don't Kill The Music - Zoo (2005) 0:50 (Argentina)

MTV - Don't Kill The Music - Directorio (2005) 0:42 (Argentina)

Santo, Argentina in the Category of "Non-Alcoholic Drinks"
Coca Cola light- Aplausos (2005) 0:60 (Argentina)

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I don't understand the headline at all, but I dig that Caido ripped off poster for HSBC

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I don't know Portuguese at online translation I could find is: "If it went a tree you neither would have noticed. perserve."

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US-based ad agency Dieste Harmel & Partners took FIAP Gold in the Alcoholic Beverages category for the A-B spot, "Mini Mouth."

You can view it here:

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Mini Mouth is also here where it won Best of Show.

Not all the gold winners are listed. Just the ones that we had video for.

I realize I didn't link FIAP website.