Fiat Photobomb Prank

Everybody's talking about Fiat's OMG THEY DIDN'T photobomb. They parked in front of the Volkswagen offices, and waited till the Google Street View peeps rode by. And then KAPOW. Take that, Volkswagen. There's a Fiat 500 in front of your office on Google street view. For like a year!
In yo face! This is not a Beetle!

But in my mind, it could have been better. Because you could have swapped any small car with a vaguely rounded top for a Fiat 500, and it would have been the same. More importantly, beyond an elaborate prank that no one will likely see again, what did this accomplish? I can't imagine a lot of consumers getting on Google maps to see where the Swedish VW offices are.

I also think they missed a golden opportunity here to write something like "Ever wonder how the Volkswagen employee drives to the Volkswagen office?"

You know...just to parody a little bit of history.

VW Snow plow commercial

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