Fiat UK & Jelly Belly create scented car designs the #Flavoured500

Fiat UK has teamed up with Jelly Belly to bring to life the first ever scented car to sit in line with Fiat’s popular 500 model.
Fiat is no stranger to teaming up with other designers and creative types, they released the Gucci 500 in 2012. And Fiat explored the world of scent when they created the Minty Fresh scratch 'n sniff ad 2014.

Teaming with Jellybelly was introduced on twitter with the hashtag #Flavoured500.

Fiat also acquired collaborated with two popular fashion bloggers who own a 500 themselves, as they posted their ‘immediate thoughts’ on the desired scent for their own models. This kicked off several twitter-fans wishlist of their tailor made scented cars.

The Jelly Belly and Fiat partnership was very fitting as it’s all about vibrant colours and flavours, a lot like the Fiat 500. Each brand’s communities jump at the chance to talk about colours and tastes on a daily basis. Also, it's April fools.

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