FiberCreme - Let’s Be Friends Again: Cheesecake (2017) 1:31 (Indonesia)

You don't see it coming until the end of the spot but it's hilarious and a nice, simple brief to work off of, too in this spot for FiberCreme. Let's make peace with unhealthy foods and make them healthier. Let's be friends again--with cheesecake. Quite a fun misdirect in which you think the woman is eating her way through cheesecake to get over an unhealthy relationship, only to discover the voice over is coming from the cheesecake.

Creative agency: iris Jakarta, Indonesia General Manager: Irvan Permana Creative Director: Albert Chan Copywriter: Adri Zainuddin, Ahmed Pasha, Andika Nugroho Art director: Feby Elsadlora, Michael Louis, Willson Ariyaduta Planner: Rahadian Fajar Producer: Purwono Production company: KOI Film Director: Upie Guava

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