Find what is lost and get a sneak peek


Find what is lost and get a sneak peek


There are eight hidden charachters and objects in this Lost djungle, and I only found seven so far. AARGH! Sayid, Sun and Locke are easy enough but the rest gets a little tricker. They say that once all have been found, you will see a special bonus clip from Lost. Help me find that last thing willya? Pleez?


The eighth one might be more than one person.

If you already know that one, then maybe the one you need isn't a person at all.

SPOILER ALERT! (Don't scroll down if you don't want the answers)

Sun, Locke, Sayid, Horse, Gun, Jack, Others, Vincent.

Also try 4 8 15 16 23 42 to reset the runes.

Vincent! ARGH, where the hell is he?

Now I'm thourougly dissapointed. I was enticed to go there with the line "...a special bonus clip that, if you are a true Lost fan, will make you gasp!"
But I've seen that scene before. Ho-hum.

Yeah, the clip is dang disappointing.

It sure is disappointing. The game was more fun.

Vincent's in the clouds.

What really threw me off was the weather vane. I thought it was a hidden item and spelled it in different ways. With rooster and cock.

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