Flags 'meet the world' tour Marketing mags in Finland

This is sort of cheating here, since this press is not about Adland, but refers to us. Marketing Magazine in Finland Marmai.fi, who found the suddenly popular Flags meet the world post again. They correctly credit FCB Publicidade and show the Euro-flag.

Adland-sivusto kertoo, ettei kuvia mielletä kaikkialla edes mainoksiksi, vaan niitä on kuvailtu esimerkiksi taiteeksi ja poliittiseksi kannanotoksi. Kyseessä on kuitenkin puhdas mainoskampanja.

Aside from setting the world record in consonants, that means the journalist at Markkkinointi & Mainonta actually (gasp!) read the post and the part where I explain that the ads went viral around the world described as art or political statements when they are in fact ads.

The Tumblr post which seems to be one of he reasons this is currently re-touring the web identifies the flags as based on UN numbers, which is false. I'm hoping that our tumblr post will take a tour tumblr setting the records straight, but I'm not holding my breath.

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