FLO TV's first appearance in the bowl, airs 3 commercials in Super Bowl XLIV

It's eleven days and fiftysix minutes until the superbowl people, and we have some dark horses showing up to our advertising party. FLO TV has bought two spots during the game, it's the first time we'll see mobile TV advertised during the bowl. FLO TV hopes to raise awareness for both mobile TV overall and for the FLO TV brand as the leader of that category with their ads.

The creative: ‘Injury Report,’ featuring sports commentator Jim Nantz. It takes a humorous look at a guy who accompanies his girlfriend on an endless shopping spree and the effects it takes it on him. The spot shows how he our Personal Television can help him stay connected to the game he’s missing – a move that helps alleviate his failure to maintain possession.

I bet Sean Hayes wanted one of those instead back in the super bowl XXXII commercials when he appeared in a Bud ad and found a bunch of guys watching the bowl ...over here, in the petites.

The second ad is set to a contemporary remix of The Who’s “My Generation”, it's called ‘Moments’ and celebrates the shared experiences that unite the US as a nation. It features black eyed peas singer will.I.am’s doing a fresh twist on the lyrics to help underscore the ways in which different generations are affected by technology and, specifically, how people today interact with television programming. He's got some experience in updating music for the bowl, last year we saw him in Pepsi Refresh - Anthem

We'll also see FLO TV airing a spot pre-game. called ‘Long Drive’. In that CBS Sports Commentator James Brown "brings peace to a family on a long trip by introducing them to the FLO TV Auto Entertainment service". All of the creative was a collaborated effort between Magner Sanborn and Agency 3.0.

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