Focus on Family - Pam & Tim Tebow - (2010) :30

Quarter one: Pam and Tim talk about life.

Focus On Family

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Planned Parenthood made a fantastic response ad featuring two former athletes. It showed respect for Mrs. Tebow's personal choice, while also stressing that women can, in fact, be trusted to make their own choices. You can see it on their YouTube channel. I wish that one was also aired.

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Found PlannedParenthood contact and now that ad too has a spot in the archive, in the interest of fairness. Planned parenthood - Sean James and Al Joyner - (2010) :60

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Hey what's that wooshing sound?

Thats the sound of the low flying jet flying over the heads of tens of millions of knuckledragging Super Bowl viewers who won't have a clue what this obnoxious and misleading piece of crap is trying to say.