FontYou - Fresh Fonts / F - (2015) :30 (France)

In this adorably squiggly animation we find a tired old F day-napping in his favorite chair when the phone rings and squiggly F tries to answer it. Poor old F.

Client : Fontyou
Agencies : TBWA\PARIS & \ELSE

Client Managers : Gregori Vincens & Valentine Proust
Agencies Managers : Brice Garçon & Maxime Boiron
Artistic Director : Cedric Moutaud
Copywriter : Vincent Pedrocchi
Head of TV : Maxime Boiron
Art buyer : Julie Champin

Illustrator : Laurent Duvoux

Production : \ELSE
Productor : Benjamin Piton
Direction / Animation : Boris Belghiti & Jonathan Bignon

Music & Sound
Production : \ELSE
Head of Music & Sound : Olivier Lefebvre
Artistic Direction & Direction : Philippe Mineur
Sound Design: Anais Khout & Eric Simonet
Mix: Anais Khout

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