Foo Fighters - Run (2017) 6:21 (USA)

Foo Fighters send themselves to a retirement home with the help of Therapy Content and Therapy Studios, but are by no means tired or retired.

In the Dave Grohl-directed music video for the new song “Run,” the band caked themselves with old-age makeup to play for a group of senior residents at the aforementioned retirement home. Medicated and put-upon, the residents duly watch Foo Fighters play, until one man, sick of the tedious life and ill treatment, rouses the residents to action by stage diving off the steeple onto oncoming orderlies. Chaos erupts as the seniors start to fight back the way angry teens would: they smash lights, smoke cigarettes, fight and bite and riot against the caretakers, before escaping into the night to freely spread havoc. All the while Foo Fighters play some of the heaviest riffs they’ve played in years.

The “Run” video continues the long and successful collaborative relationship between musician/director Dave Grohl and Therapy Content. The Los Angeles-based entertainment development and production company was behind Grohl’s feature film debut (led by Therapy Content’s John Ramsay and Jim Rota) with the Grammy-winning 2013 documentary Sound City. They followed it up with the Emmy and Grammy-winning collaboration: the HBO docuseries Sonic Highways.

The majority of post-production was expertly handled by sister company Therapy Studios, whose work elevates the music video into a short film with its own world and atmosphere. The finishing work of Flame Artists Wren Waters, Rachel Moorer and Geoff Stephenson combined with Omar Inguanzo’s color grade create ominous tones reminiscent of horror films. Sound design by Dillon Cahill ensures that every footstep, creaking chair, and static-filled TV screen is heard before the song begins, the quiet world of the retirement home is perfectly juxtaposed with the fury of the residents when the song kicks into high gear.

“Run”: Foo Fighters
Director: Dave Grohl
DP: Brandon Trost

Production Company: Therapy Content
Executive Producer: Jim Rota
Executive Producer: John Ramsay
Producer: Margaret Ward

Post Production: Therapy Studios
Executive Producer: Joe DiSanto
Editor: Ken Mowe
Colorist: Omar Inguanzo
Flame Artists: Wren Waters, Rachel Moorer, Geoff Stephenson
Sound Design: Dillon Cahill

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