Ford Edge " Le Fantôme" (2016) 8:02 (Uk)

Even the most beautiful roads can lead to very dangerous places. A couple gets plastic surgery to escape an evil organization in this amazing piece directed by RSA's Jake Scott. With a chance at a new life, they can't resist bringing their Ford Edge along. Mads Mikkelsen, aka Le Fantôme, is sent to kill them. The story unfolds. We discover an arms dealer wants the couple who in the witness protection program. Mads closes in on them but in his ponderous voice over about choices, while hanging around the Ford Edge, discovers he doesn't want to kill them after all. Instead the evil arms dealer man sends in The Widow, played by Barbara Steele. Now it is La Fantôme's turn to make a choice. This is a lovingly shot long form content that with only a few exceptions never focuses too long on the car but keeps it integrated in the story which is surprisingly not bloated like most long-form content. Sure, there's a suspension of disbelief, but it is a commercial after all, and one hell of an introduction tot he Ford Edge.

Client: Ford UK
Agency: GTB

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