Ford Ka Cat decapitation ad update.

The controversial viral cat decapitation ad for ford Ka which gathered many more complaints than their pigeon killing car last year has also gathered much more press. While Snopes was out early debunking and rebunking the ad, and we posted it April 02 the day after the 'leak', the hype hasn't calmed down yet! A quick search leads to many news articles about the 'unauthorized' ad. Here are a few: International Herald Tribune, Revolution magazine, globe and mail, The australian, The Star, Shocking for attentions sake is nothing but a cheap trick they say, but oh boy does it pay off in press.
Super adgrunts, Watch the ad here

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I'll be the first to admit to making spoof/evil ads for my clients just to let off steam, or having the photographer shoot it "my way" for my book and similar antics. This is a bit much though, lots of man-hours in post production and it wasn't even approved? Does anyone out there really believe that?