Ford Sportka - Cat Decapitation - (2004) :30 (UK)

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From The Financial Times via MSNBC:

The car maker said the advert was conceived as part of a "viral" campaign, where short videos are released on to the Internet and redistributed by e-mail, as people find them funny. But it insisted it was not meant to be developed. As an alternative, a clip showing a comedy pigeon being thwacked by the bonnet, had been chosen. That ad caused controversy among some pigeon fanciers and was also condemned by animal rights groups.

"It was done as a proposal somewhere deep down in the bowels of the agency," Ford said. "As soon as we saw it we said absolutely not. We are appalled

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Who was the idiot that filmed this "idea" that shouldn't have left the markerpaper roughs? Curious minds want to know.

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I have 4 cats, 2 rabbits and a dog. After the initial shock of the shear creativity of this clip I fell to the floor laughing my head off (excuse the pun). It's not like they were showing roadkill. I'm sure if it was Sadam Hussein's head in there we would all be cheering. I have to stand up for the twisted mind that thought this up. That person should write for television (maybe they already do !!!!). lets all step back and take a deap breath and find a cat to love. I let my cat watch the clip and she thought it was funny. Sorta like a human watching people being blown up in Saving Private Ryan (which I couldn't take and had to turn off). Anyway, just relax and give your feline a hug.

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hell yeah!

I really think this is one of funniest viral film in a long time. It made me laugh a lot and I have send to a lot of my friends without even thinking about it, its not even close to offend me?

Hello. A car is not alive and cant kill cats for real, humans in cars can, but thats another story...

But I don

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from the Herarld Tribune article:

Ford and its advertising agency, Ogilvy Mather, acknowledge creating the second clip but insist that it was never meant to be released. They are investigating how the viral spot, which Ford calls "unacceptable and reprehensible," leaked out, angering British animal-rights groups - and promptly getting forwarded around the world via e-mail.
Given that this is the Internet, conspiracy theories abound about whether such cases are, in fact, mistakes. Some bloggers - online journal writers - and other ad industry observers say "accidental" releases of unapproved ads, as well as the dissemination of what appear to be crude but humorous parodies, are actually elements of deeply layered, "subviral" plots intended to further exposure by any means necessary.

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Dude. No.

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The bird one... Even though it was cruel, was sort of funny still. This, less funny... A lot less. Being a major catlover might have something to do with my aversion to this ad. Icky.

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I thought the bird one was funny (i didnt see it coming). It was only knocked to the ground, and in most cases it probably would have lived, but this cat had no way to survive. The messed up part is the fact it was trying to get it head free but the window just kept closing until it had decapitated its poor unsuspected victim. I understand this was completely animated, and that no animals were hurt or killed (at least i hope not). But what really gets me, is that someone who works for ford is that screwed up in the head to think this up and use it to advertise. After seeing this video i am almost positive im not going to get the sportka, and i believe i am not alone

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LOL.. Funny, funny, funny, even after 9 years this advertisement still cracks me up. I don't have anything against cats, until they get into the car and decide to make it stink. This should be sent out as a warning to those that own cats, why should a dog get impounded whereas a cat can basically do as it pleases, when it pleases, where it pleases???