FOX campaign driven by others creativity | 30 second Bunny movies

The sassy Volkswagen Fox campaign(s) seems to be firmly rooted in cult creativity for rent. First they built that interesting Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, where street artists were given all the paint they wanted and a room to do as they wished with. A deal serious cred street artist Huskmitnavn (remember my name) scoffed at. Now the highly popular bunny reenactment films from web fame have turned into Fox commercials, and even won bronze in the Eurobest 2005 award.

See the bunny films in their original glory here on AngryAliens website, or in the archive (links to commercials after the jump as they say).

Volkswagen Fox - Pulp Fiction bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Titanic bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Alien bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - Jaws bunnies

Volkswagen Fox - The Shining bunnies

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