Foxtel - FOX SPORTS - Sauna Rocks (2016) :30 (Australia)

Meanwhile, in Sweden, two Swedes check if the missus remembered to buy sauna rocks when she did her errands. Yes, she bought sauna rocks. What kind, he wonders, and triple checks all the important sauna rock details. She cuts him off; Ja, men snälla Jakob.....

"Ja, men snälla Jacob" means "Yes, but please Jacob" - and she adds "do you think I never bought sauna rocks before?" Because everyone knows how to buys sauna rocks in Sweden, there's even brand name sauna rocks, like Tylö sauna rocks. The general rule of thumb is that if you sauna twice a week for a year you might want to change your sauna rocks.

Stop giggling over there in Australia. I see you.

Ad agency : Cummins & Partners
Executive Creative Director : Julian Schreiber
Executive Creative Director : Tom Martin

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