Frauenzentrale Zürich - Women should not be worth less - (2015) #Glasslion shortlist

Yes, I know that puns are bad, but clever wordplay is fun and the use of male/female endings in German in this idea is quite cute. So Publicis Communications Schweiz set out to create simple packaging for the "hairdryer" and "hairdryeress", the "can opener" and "can openeress" and priced the "female" items 20% less than the "male" item to make their point. The choice of familiar old TV guy as their pitchman in long infomercials and at public sales events is perfect too. The only thing that bothers me is the repeated line : "... because women are worth less than men, Aren't they?" It feels a little too on the nose, but as I'm not a native German speaker I might be missing nuance.

ad agency: Publicis Communications Schweiz

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great campaign