Free wi-fi networks used as ad-space, yeah we've seen this media-idea before.

See, we already Badlanded it once in "wi-fi idea ripe for picking at least twice." Yes, it's the name-your-wifi-something-to-advertise-something idea, and as predicted this is now so mature that the wifi itself is a media.

The Coffee company nudged customers to try a muffin, or "buy another coffee already" with their execution (top image) in 2008, while GermanWings led people via their free wifi (named after offers) to pages with those offers (also in 2008).

Then there's the SIXT stunt at Hamburg Airport, 2008 created by Jung von Matt. Much like German wings, hopping on this free wifi led you straight to a landing page with offers from SIXT.

And today, in 2012, southern Swedish agency "The Fan Club" are Creativity's pick of the week with their wi-fi stunt. In this execution the wifi-spots are locked and suggest that station-dwellers go buy a magazine to read instead. Snarky-ad! I do wonder how well that works in a country where even the cheapest pre-pay cell-phone card has unlimited data, meaning we never look for wifi. It'll probably work in Malmö station, due to so many bridge-commuters having a Danish provider and need for free open wifi.

Tidsam - Buy a magazine instead

Hat tip to Henrik

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