Fretex wishes everyone a good summer

Kitchen Norway has created a summery poster campaign for fretex used clothes and stuffs shop (Salvation Army).

The idea is to show summer-things with the help of some of the summer-clothes you might find at Fretex. Like:


blue waves,

Summer tulips,

and of course, the sun itself.

Creative team involved, Jeanett Nicolaysen, Martin Lund, Morten Borgestad, Anne Gravingen, Bendik Romstad.

DTP artists, Ingvild Sellias & Runar Sørensen.

AE, Mette Løland

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Robblink's picture saw the sun and I saw an army of sperm swimming toward an egg. What's on my mind?

deeped's picture

Hmmm... me too :)

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Okay, I saw sun until I read the comments, but how are the swim trunks = fins. I see butterfly? Someone please rationally explain. PS. I'm moving from the states to Wellington, NZ next week. Anyone have any advice?

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I saw a butterfly too.
Junyr, I'm not in NZ nor have I been, but knowing the latitude I'd say don't pack the raincoat and beanie in too deep. You'll be needing them.

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Dang, I never saw a butterfly until y'all said that, and now thats all I can see. Funny.
Have fun in NZ Junyr.

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Obviously a butterfly. Fins? You people have seen too many horror-flix ;)
Happy midsummer-eve. :D

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by fins, i think Dabitch may have meant what some call "flippers". you know, the kind you'd go snorkeling with. Extra points to Dabitch for an overactive imagination, but i do believe it is intended to be a butterfly.

@junyr: Congratulations! Clearly, you are a genius. There is little I could offer you in the way of advice.

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Well. I don't like water... :)