Frooti Juicy Mango Surprise Project: Giant Mangos attack!

So, you get a pretty straight forward brief that states: "inform people that there is lots of real mango in product", and you could do all sorts of samplings, tastings mango give-aways with this... Yeah, pretty dull.

Or you could scare the bejesus out of people by chasing them downhill with giant mangos!. Yes, aim that 8-foot mango down the slope onto the oncoming pedestrians. Do it! And why not drop enormous mangos from trees narrowly missing their heads? Yes! Lets do that too. A lot more fun, isn't it? Plus all those near heart-attack victims will take the drink you offer and think it's the best thing ever now. Win win!

Ad agency: CreativeLand Asia

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Awesome ad, very brilliantly executed!!!