Fruit of the loom - gaming gear?

Ok, fine, so you caught me. All I do on weekends is sit around and play computer games in my comfy cotton fruit of the loom underwear. Is that what inspired this ad? Because if it was, a detail is off - the main player should be a smoking hot female redhead. Everything else is pretty much right, including the smiley faces on my boxers. ;P

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Claymore said: notice that the leafy "fig" guy* has changed colors from orange/yellow/brown in 2005 and before - now he's green. I wonder if that's going to be a seasonal thing now or if he's green for good.

Fruit of the Loom - Dream

Fruit of the Loom - Drums

Fruit of the Loom - Blue - long version

Fruit of the Loom - Blue - short version

Fruit of the Loom - Cruisin'

* We asked. Seriously.

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