Fuck You AIDS!

Main Visual of Campaign 'Fuck You AIDS!'
Poster Fuck You AIDS!
Advertising Fuck You AIDS!
Kit 'Against AIDS'

The AIDS is BAD: he respects neither age, nor sex, nor religion or social class. It is aggressive, virulent and bad-mannered. Such a complex problematics, full of edges that to interpret and factors of diverse nature that to neutralize deserves a simple, direct and forceful response. Because of it, we are going to treat to the AIDS like it deserves, giving him a good dose of his own medicine.

Contrastrategy: instead of realizing the unique and weak graphical piece… we extend the pre-established diffusion, adding channels or means of diffusion and applying the message in a real sweep 360º.

For it, we design a universally strong concept that includes an integral campaign and of length crossed of prevención/concienciación governed under the unique phrase that says our worse desire to the disease: that Fuck You AIDS! This way and only this way: hating it and wishing the worst thing him, we will be conscious of using condoms whenever we support sexual relations of risk and will create again the habit of use that so much and damage it will cause him to the disease.

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