Futuracha Pro, the font that changes ligatures depending on context blows up on IndieGoGo

There's only three days left on this IndieGoGo, but they already made 1597% of their stated goal. When planning to make their quirky font Futuracha Pro an actual functioning evolving font that you can type with, the design agency høly asked for a humble 4000 dollars. They've now raised $63,888 and it doesn't look like it's slowing down. Despite the Danish & Norwegian letter ø in their name, the design agency is located in Athens, Greece. And despite the art deco looks of Futuracha, its inspiration is the humble cockroach. Graphic designer Odysseas Galinos Paparounis said that when studied graphic design and was tasked with making a font, he took inspiration from the antenna of cockroaches that he was drawing in illustration class. Their antenna and legs inspired the swirls. The font itself is meant to evolve, to change characters and choose variants of letters to fit into their context. To make each word look like it was carefully constructed by a graphic designer, just by typing it. It readjusts automatically as you write based on the preceding and following letter. Even the name, Futuracha, reveals the unlikely muse. The name is a portmanteau between Futura and the “cucaracha”, that's “cockroach” in Spanish. Originally, the font was only available in EPS, which required individual positioning of letters as designers used it. It was seen in logos, in magazines, it was on clothing and someone even inked it on her torso. But people kept asking for it to become real, and so the IndieGoGo was born, so that time could be spent on making this self-designing font a reality. There's many perks to the pledgers, from sterling silver pendents to sturdy mugs with the greek letter β as the handle. And of course you'd be the first to receive this self-evolving font. Paparounis explains the idea: “Most fonts take advantage of ligatures and embellishments in an attempt for visual corrections. Futuracha on the other hand, not only provides ligatures, but a wide variety of them to choose from. It places creativity beside functionality, play before instructions, experimentation before manuals.”

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This is a lovely font, I hope they deliver.

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Well, surprise me font designer. I thought I was looking at something from the movie Arrival. The beings are called Hexapods, fonts ..words .. talking in their environment looks like circles and loops. The language of the hexapod is nonlinear because they experience life nonlinear. It's quite pretty

https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/arrival-movie-alien-language Spoilers in the article if you wish to dig in.

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