The Future Children project pro Obama children's choir has been pulled

If you check the vimeo link that belonged to The Future Children Project you'll find that the vimeo clip has been set to "Private" and the web site has been shut off. That's the web equivalent of pulling an ad.

The ad which received heaps of scorn here as well, was nearly universally lambasted by critics. It was the personal project of Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, the founders of Goodby Silverstein and Partners in San Francisco.

The ad went viral quickly, mainly due to universal scorn and a slight resemblance to the children of the corn, showing up on sites like Adage, the Blaze, Huffington post and even Fox News. If attention moved product, or made people choose a specific name when voting, this ad was a wild success.

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Pulled because it points the finger too much or is this too much of the truth? #responsibility

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pulled because the ads sucked.

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It was pulled because one of their eggheads finally realized
they were channeling one of the most infamous 'Community Organizers' with that ad.

Looking for inspiration from Joseph Goebbels will always backfire in an American election.

It shows that they have NOTHING, NOTHING at all to run on;
or anything that can used against Romney or Ryan save for excrement-grade ad hominem assaults.

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Anyone ever see the Hitler Youth videos? Yep.

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The Republicans shut this video down with their ugly threats to personal lives, to people's jobs. Their internet thugs are a clear threat to freedom of speech. This is what happens when Corporations get all the control. The Supreme Court should revisit that horrible decision! The video never accused Republicans of anything, and the ad doesn't say to vote for Obama, yet they saw themselves in the words and responded with vitriol. The children, all professional, volunteered their time and talents; they were directed to reflect their own understanding of the words. These children, every single one of them could go head to head with the right-wing haters out there on the internet - they are THAT SMART. They know who they like and don't like. Children aren't stupid. They are all beautiful and they stood up for what they believe in. Did you think it would be that difficult to find a couple of dozen avid supporters of the President? What are you people, that stupid? You haters should be ashamed comparing singing about the environment and a better future with hitler. You only show your own ignorance. Just remember at least half the country is planning to RE-ELECT PRESIDENT OBAMA.

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yand just remember this is an advertising site where we evaluate ads of all kinds based on whether they are effective. and if you really believe! these children aren't being used by grown ups who gave them sheet music and scripts to learn and sing, then you have been drinking the wrong kool aid. seriously, how, many ten year olds do you know who are obsessed with our debt to china, and the 1%? really-- put on your objective glasses and ask if this is an effective ad. there may be 50% voting for obama but that doesn't answer the question. which is why we answered it for you. this ad sucks, and it would have sucks if FDR ran it, or Reagan or Clinton or anyone else.

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Your illogic confounds me. Which ad exactly can you point to where the actors write their own script? Of course they didn't write it. Nobody said they did. Its an ad. Provocative, yes. I think that's a successful ad.

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So, the "Republicans shut this video down" by doing what exactly? So you're saying it's not shut down because people thought it was a shite ad? /Occam's razor

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oh sweet people. Demowife, i have no illogic. seriously: i never once said the kids wrote their own script. i said they were being used by rich out of touch marin county elitist 1%'ers in the ad industry who shoved it into their hands and said "sing this," thereby exploiting the innocents for apparent gain. does no one understand sarcasm these days? really--what eleven year old do you know cares about what happens to our debt with china? answer: none. advertising does not care who is funding what. they care if the ad is good or bad. and this AD IS BAD. how exactly is a black and white ad with kids provocative? go back and see "vote as if your life depended on it," and you'll see what a provocative ad is.

if you want to blame anyone for getting it pulled, blame people in advertising who have high standards over what they do. believe it or not, we were the loudest complainers. not the romney supports. this ad sucks because it panders, it's cheap and yes, it is exploitive of kids, which is never a great idea. ever ever ever. And yo know what? we would have done the same thing if romney did this, or ron paul or ralph nader, or J freaking F K or Ronald Freaking Reagan. . do you UNDERSTAND? this is not about the message of the ad. this is about the ad itself and everything wrong it represents. if you can't explain to me why i should vote for your candidate without using innocent ten year olds, then you should go back to the drawing board. if you do not understand why this is exploitive, you should think about it some more. these kids can't vote-- they are the victims of both sides, presently, and they don't even understand that. and to use them as if they're a mouth piece for either side, is just plain sucks. find some more compelling and adult reasons and god forbid, some reasons without a polemic argument attached, and then we'll be impressed? otherwise? THIS AD SUCKS IN AN APOLITICAL WAY. MY NAME IS KIDSLEEPY AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.

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I'm totes voting for you. Which lever do I pull?

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Oh, i think you know. I. Think. You. Know.

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Leftists sure make creepy looking kids.

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betteroyu than me

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