GANT "They changed the world not the shirt" (2015) 1:00 (France)

GANT has its roots in the Ivy league schools. And over the past 50 years the shirt has been worn by a lot of people. GANT shirts have seen a lot of history, as the VO tells us. Astronauts, Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners, Tech Geeks and more. And of course, hipster kids standing in front of fireworks, which is only a wee bit self-congratulatory compared to the civil rights demonstrators from the 60's but you know. This spot if beautifully shot. Never before has a preppy shirt been romanced so hard. The only miss to me is the end of the VO. We cut to a GANT shirt being folded and we reveal the person folding the shirt has been reading the VO all along. He ends by saying "I've seen a lot of people over the past 50 years." And my first response was: And? Seems like it is missing a summation. Even the guy delivering the line has an inflection that makes it feel like an unfinished thought. So much time elapses between that line and "They Changed The World. Not The Shirt," that the super doesn't answer it either. Other than that though, it's a great spot.

Brand: Gant
Brand Management: Caroline Roth
Agency: BETC
AGENCY MANAGEMENT: Bertille Toledano Claus Lindorff Christine Leblond Leïla Achour
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Rémi Babinet Filip Nilsson Rosie Bardales
ART DIRECTOR: Alphons Conzens
COPYWRITER: Adrian Skenderovic
PRODUCER: Laure Denizot Fabrice Brovelli
DIRECTOR: Stuart McIntyre

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