GAP - Audrey - long (2006) 0:60 (USA)

Agency: Laird & Partners

Visual effects: Method Studios

Lead 2D VFX Artist: Andrew Eksner
2D VFX Artist: Alex Kolasinski, Jake Montgomery, Russell Fell
Junior 2D VFX Artist: Cathy Gochnour, Kyle Obley Lyndal Heathwood, Miles Essmiller, Sarah Eim, Zach Lo
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Production: Sue Troyan
Visual Effects Producer: Rachel Koch
Agency: Laird & Partners
Executive Creative Director: Trey Laird
Creative Director: Carl Byrd
Agency Producer: Leigh Donaldson

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Adam Petrofsky

Telecine Company: Dave Hussey


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What will big Nate think of this

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I saw this new gap commercial with oile.first on television you see him in one of the school hallways next to the lockers saying. I really loving Zowie to much. and jumps into this white or light tan background and starts danceing to AC/DC back in black. and next on television you see him dance and do very cool backflips and cartwheels and more cool danceing . And then on television see do a very do a very slow backflip at the end it says gap black oile print in a tan light background I racll there’s was an commercial. I didn’t know what they where doing an commercial for. I saw this guy say something and jumps into white movie set background and starts danceing to back in black by AC/DC and then at the end I saw the gap logo

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Find the one where she dances longer