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Garbergs first film for Telenor

Since everything red became blue - see this badlander for examples from that campaign - Telenor has suffered major image problems. Their chummy soap-opera advertising for the brand where we follow the idiotic doings of the people at the help desk didn't do anything to improve their image and just last week a poll of the Swedish population showed that out of all the telecoms, Telenor had the least amount of trust from the consumers where the majority claimed negative experiences with the brand. Pretty bad news for a telco that was once on top, way back when they were called Europolitan.

What to do? Dump their old agency Voice and enter the creative agency Garbergs, who put together a song from ringtones and keyboards... Lets see how long it takes you to guess which song.

Update: a second film on the same theme has now been released and can be found here:

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caffeinegoddess's picture

Didn't get it until the end...I guess I'll never be a contestent on "Name that Tune" if they ever bring it back. ;)

Dabitch's picture

Really? I thougt it was so spot on that I sponatiously started singing right on cue!

caffeinegoddess's picture

Maybe I needed more coffee. ;)

kurtberengeiger's picture

I needed a lot more coffee. I didn't get it until the second viewing... :/
And that's even after I knew that they were going to be playing a tune...

shmulikber's picture

it is definitely off...maybe fun for those of us advertising wankers in the universe who also happen to be music idiot savants. what of the other 99.9999999% of people who don't get off on this type of thing? i'm sure the idea is lost on them...much like telenor's current outdoor campaign in sweden...

Neo's picture

Very nicely directed/edited.

deeped's picture

I love it.
And their outdoor campaign for 3-1 is brilliant.

Dabitch's picture

whooohoo! I'm a music idiot savant! ;)

Neo's picture

It's a Beatles song. Not some obscure indie pop. Everyone on the planet has heard that song once.

shmulikber's picture

i haven't, and besides, why do some people still think that beatles songs are still widely recognised?
ask an average myspace kid - or the majority of anyone under 40 - about his favourite beatles' song and he won't know any.

Neo's picture

Fair enough. I'm closer to 30 than myspacekid and miles away from 40, but I honestly thought that come together was dead famous, especially after being in so many ads throughout the nineties. It's not a "drive my car" or "she loves you" though, I'll give you that.