Garmin "Beat yesterday" (2017) :30 (USA)

Garmin has a lot of ways for you to beat yesterday with a collection of smart watches. This is an irreverent take on that idea featuring all kinds of people in exercise and exercise-lite instances. From weightlifting to yoga to walking dogs, the smart watch has you covered. Fair warning, though: The song will get stuck in your head.

Production Company: LightHouse Films, New York, NY
Director: Romain Quirot
Executive Producer: Thibaut Estellon
DP: John Corsica
Producer: Isaac LeFevre
Advertising Agency: Garmin International
Producer: Kristin Thompson
Art Director: Amanda Laffoon
Copywriter: Ryan Carrothers
Post-production Company / city / state: Garmin International, Olathe, KS
Editor: Craig Brown
Colorist: Taylre Jones
Audio Post / city / state: Garmin International, Olathe, KS
Music Production Company / city / state: Squeakeclean, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Amy Crilly
Creative Director: Matt Bowne
Executive Producer: Maggie Wasserman

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Is this commercial filmed at Playland in Rye, NY? Thanks.