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GEICO Insurance - Aunt Infestation (2020) :30 (USA)

This ads humorous tone feels a little inspired by recent Progressive ads weirdness, and very inspired by comedian Alyssa Limperis' skits of her mother
The couple tells us that they bought a house, but they have a problem. They have aunts. This is quite funny, but I wish they had gone a little further with the aunts. Where is the wine-aunt, decorating the kitchen with "it's wine o'clock somewhere" towels? Where is the aunt who has her pockets full of hairy candies? And in the future, when the couple has kids, will we see "the cool aunt", sneak a smoke in the backyard and offer a twelve-year-old a sip of her beer? In short, it's funny, but it could be way funnier. I hope it wasn't the client who insisted on the rather dated joke about sending a friend request.

Client: GEICO

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