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Geico - Squirrel (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

Squirrel causes accident.


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AnonymousCoward's picture

I hate this commercial. The idea of animals causing and celebrating an auto accident does not appeal at all.
Yea, I have a sense of humer. Yea I live creativity.
Yes, this ad sucks.

AnonymousCoward's picture

You suck and I hope a moose tramples you

AnonymousCoward's picture

Your 14 years to late bud lmao

Al Camuso's picture

For a person that can’t even spell “humor”, I don’t think your opinion matters on this commercial! It’s not real, that may shock you, and it’s, downright funny.

EMT..Isavelives's picture

Not impressed. This ad is in very poor taste and not humorous. Celebrating a car a accident??!! No!

Listen Closely's picture

No crash, just lost a hubcap.

Carlos Estuardo's picture

...and the commecial is racist...the two celebrating squirrels perform a black urban handshake routine instead of a simple "high-five" (for example) that is a much less culturally specific gesture than what they end up doing. By trying to be "cute" or "hip",
the commercial villifies nature, pokes fun at a human tragedy, and then slaps a racist sticker on the whole miserable undertaking. Poor job, Geico.

Rojam1987's picture

I hate it with good reason a beloved family member died in a horrible car accident swerving to not hit a squirrel. It's not funny at all.