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George Parker's Madscam ain't no scam.

MadScam Why do they always whisper in perfume ads? Why are women always so happy to share their laundry detergent tips in adland? Why do so many ads use the same old formula? What drugs were the writers on when they made all those packaging icons come to life in countless ads?


George might not answer all of these questions, but he will show you how to not make the same expensive mistakes that the big dinosaur agencies have already made over and over - instead you learn from their mistakes how to advertise smart by advertising different from the ground up.


All packaged in the trademark caustic and funny rants of George, with less cussing and more insight than on his blogs in his new book MadScam. Wise words seemingly drenched in whisky and sugar with a twist of jokes the book will entertain while it enlightens. Do the right thing and buy it to read it - though there are whispers of it becoming a book on tape in the near future. This is a book that I think all small business executives should read and learn by heart, as George has been in this business longer than all of us and buying his ad smarts for only $13.57 is ludicrously cheap.


I had a blast reading it - a spoonful of sugar (and whiskey) makes the medicine go down, and George knows how to serve boring ad smarts in funny prose, a rare talent.

You can buy other books, like "The Ubiquitous Persuaders" by George Parker at Barnes&Noble. 

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