Germany World Cup win causes recall of gambling ad: bet you didn't see that coming

Singapore’s National Council on Problem Gambling predicted the outcome of the world cup with the above ad. The campaign has been running for the past month, and Singaporeans have seen TV ads and posters featuring young "Andy" a sad boy whose savings were used by his father to bet on Germany’s crowning as world soccer champions. The campaign is obviously meant to deter gambling, and in particular irresponsible gambling on the world cup - but then Germany ruined the whole thing by actually winning the world cup. As we say in Sweden "otippat!"

Since the campaign had reached so many, it became a source of amusement:

"Looks like the boy’s father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank!" Singapore’s Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin wrote on his Facebook page during the semifinal.

The campaigns run has now been halted, and I would bet money on creatives scurrying around in a frenzy trying to make a replacement campaign asap at Ad Agency Goodfellas. I also bet they regret not betting on it.

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