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Ghana pallbearers go viral again, appearing in Brazilian PSA billboard

Professional pallbearers in Ghana, who operate under the name Nana Otafrija Pall-Bearing services have appeared in a PSA billboard in Brazil. 

“Stay Home Or Dance With Us”
“Stay Home Or Dance With Us”

The billboard cuts straight to the chase “Stay Home Or Dance With Us”, using the now globally famous image of the pallbearers to make their point. The pallbearers are meme superstars these days, showing up on Tiktok, in gifs and in videos paired with the EDM track “Astronomia” by Tony Igy.

Their rise to fame began with this BBC Documentary in 2017, where Benjamin Aidoo, the founder of the group, explains how this idea has created over 100 jobs for young men and women in Ghana, where unemployment is high. 

Now, having your likeness used in a billboard might not translate to cold hard cash, but I hope that in this case, it will.

Previously we've seen people famous from memes appear in SuperBowl commercials, where they'd earn a nice fee for participating. Perhaps with their newfound global fame, the dancing pallbearers could spruce up next years Mr Peanut ad.

Benjamin explains in an interview with pulse.com.gh that their newfound fame, and the current Coronavirus,  has changed how they work, as they now are an international business:  "The popularity we have received is booming our business now. We would increase our prices after the coronavirusFor now, we have a manager in Kenya and we have a lawyer too in Kenya.

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