GIRLTALK HQ We have something to say - (2017) (Canada)

Brand new radio for "Pink Tax", wherein a woman breathlessly keeps talking because if she didn't you might just interrupt her for no other reason than, she's a woman. As much as I understand what they're saying, the execution makes the speaker annoying. The repetition in phrases just underlines this. The idea is obviously to make the listener hear the frustration from this speaker's perspective, but the execution feels like it should be taken as seriously as a kid hopped up on seven bags of pop-rocks. Obviously, an extremely difficult line to balance as the breathless speaking is the actual idea here. I might be too harsh on this, what do you think? See the case study "Canada reacts to the pink tax", as well as the stunt where a coffee shop charged women more than men. Credits: Title: Uninterrupted Client: GirlTalk HQ Creator & Editor-in-Chief: Asha Dahya Creative Agency: BBDO Toronto SVP, Chief Creative Officer: Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie Senior Copywriter: Jamie Spears Senior Art Director: James Leake VP, Group Account Director: Rebecca Flaman Agency Producer: Beatrice Bodogh Audio Production: Ricochet Audio Audio Production Manager: Mike Rosnick

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