Givenchy "The new Gentleman" (2017) 1:45 (USA)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson from Nocturnal Animals stars in this film for Givenchy's newly updated version of their fragrance Gentleman. The fragrance is described as "sensitively masculine," and both "relaxed and refined." In the film, Johnson is at a boring party (isn't that just the worst) and decides to shake things up by dropping the needle on "Enjoy Yourself" by A+. But to emphasize the sensitive side (I guess) he also pauses to pet a kitten. Then there's a brief dance with a woman until she pushes him into a swimming pool. Luxurious fun indeed.

Client-direct: Givenchy
 Beauty #GivenchyBeauty
Brand: Gentleman Givenchy #GentlemanGivenchy #TheNewGentleMan #DaretoDance
Production Co.: Hey Wonderful

Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson

Founder/Managing Director: Michael Di Girolamo
Executive Producer: Sarah McMurray

Line Producer: Julien Lemaitre

Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth

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