GMC Envoy Denali - Mos Def Poetry - (2005) 0:30 (USA)

When you need to build a car out of thin air you call Framestore NY.
Hip-Hop artist Mos Def raps urban poetic about the parts of the Denali, as the car assembles around him.
Pretty neat feat considering that the assembling car is built entirely with Maya, Mental Ray, Shake and Flame, rather than rubber, steel and wood.

"Mos Def conceptualizes the Denali in his imagination and presides over the car as it comes together in a subtle and ambiguous way," figures David Hulin, CG Supervisor, Framestore NY. "We wanted to mirror his fantasy by building a car so real looking no one would think it was a visual effect."
Go on and click the More inside to view the (quicktime) commercial and see how well the Framestore has done. What do you think?

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