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Goodby in Inc.

How I did it with Jeff Goodby in Inc.

I got interested in advertising because I couldn't find a job on a newspaper. I decided to try advertising, and opened the Yellow Pages and started with A. I'd find myself visiting Al & Joe's Advertising one day and BBDO the next. Along the way someone advised me to create a resume of myself that would show a sense of humor. So I did a parody of an encyclopedia entry of myself, as if I were dead. And that got me a job at J. Walter Thompson.

hat tip to claymore

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Buaaa .. I was just about to post Goodby's article too :) / even bought Inc. Mag. 2 days ago heheh

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that's funny, I thought of you when I posted it. ;)

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If only getting into the business nowadays was as easy as writing a parody encyclopedia entry about oneself! I love Goodby, though...

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It can be even easier ;)