Google Glass app watches the CCTV's watching you

Sander Venhoof, a Dutch artist who uses his digital skills to explore new frontiers, has created an app for Google Glass that alerts you to security cameras watching your every move: Watch Your Privacy. The app will also alert you to any Google Glass wearing people nearby, and for that to work, your Glass also uploads your co-ordinates whenever you're out, making the surveillance circle complete.

The irony isn't lost on Sander Venhoof, in fact it's sort of the point, as he explained to;

The app gives the illusion of privacy, while also giving up your privacy. So it has a double layer.

To use the app, download Layar for your Google glass, then scan the QR code at "watch your privacy"

Finally, Sander hopes this will spawn more interesting apps for Glass, and that it doesn't get terminated by Google.
"There is a lot of discussions and there are quite a lot of people who take this position: Google Glass is a privacy issue. But for myself, as a creator, it is a way to experience beautiful things.
I'll benefit if this experiment is not terminated early. With this app, I show what the glasses can be. Solving the problem It is a more productive way to see what you can do, rather than just saying that it is a danger. The app is a great example of what Glass can be. I hope there are many more of these types of applications. "

He leave us with this thought: The whole world is now programmable.

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Cool app.