GOT MILK teases commuters with the smell of cookies at bus shelters

Starting yesterday, a new Got Milk campaign launched using the smell of chocolate chip cookies at bus shelters. Here's a blurb from the press release:

Beginning December 4th, GOT MILK?-branded chocolate chip cookie scented bus shelters will spring up in California to treat commuters to an unexpected multi-sensory experience. Instead of tantalizing taste buds with mouths stuffed of gooey brownies or fudge, GOT MILK? will tickle olfactory nerves with the smell of chocolate chips to reinforce that milk is essential for holiday treats.

The smell of chocolate chip cookies will emanate throughout the shelters with the help of New York-based Arcade Marketing's olfactory scent sampling technology -- MagniScent(r) -- which disseminates smell via scent-infused adhesives affixed to the inside of the bus shelters and undersides of the benches.

Anyone else wonder if cookies scent goes well with the smell of urine and bus fumes? ;)

Ad agency: Arcade Marketing

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