Got Milk - Wolverine - print, USA

Wolverine Body By Milk

Hugh Jackman, a.k.a Wolverine a.k.a OMG! hawt! poses as the Wolverine for a recent Got Milk ad, demonstrating an important point about attractive men with rippling muscles with the light cascading just right in advertising and that point is; What did you just say? Honey, I swear to god I was listening. Honest.

Body copy:

"My power to regenerate might be top secret but my
ability to re-energize is simple. Milk has protein to help build muscle and a
unique mix of nutrients to help you refuel. So eat right, train hard and drink
lowfat milk. That's just common mutant sense."

Client: Milk
Ad agency: Lowe New York

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way cool

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Younow, I'm usually quite bored with the Celeb-Milk-Mustache ads - and that's because I think it's a rip-off from a 1980s Swedish Filmjölk campaign and rather predictably boring/bland. ( see Milk - where did you get that mustache? if you missed it) But in this case, I'll make an exception. More please. ;)

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